1880 Inspection

 Thornbury Grammar School Report

Christmas 1880

Subjects of Instruction 1880

DIVINITY-  Joshua, Judges, I Samuel, St Luke, Whatley’s Christian Evidences

LATIN – Grammar & Composition, Cicero, De Senectute, Virgil, AEneid VII, Eutropius Bk I, Caesar De Bello Gallico Bk I

FRENCH – Grammar and Composition, Scribe, Verre L’Eau, Voltaire, Histoire du Siecle de Louis XIV

ENGLISH – Grammar and Analysis, Shakespeare’s Tempest.  Geography; British Isles, Europe and Africa.  History; England from Edward the Confessor to the death of John (1st Division)and Settlement of the Constitution (2nd division)

ARITHMETIC – Arithmetic generally (1st Division) to Vulgar Fractions (2nd Division)

MATHEMATICS – Algebra to quadratic equations.  Euclid Bks 1 to 4



I have the honour to submit to you the Report of my Examination of the Grammar School.

Divinity – I examined all the school in St Luke’s Gospel, in Joshua, Judges, and I Samuel, and found the knowledge of the Old Testament good and of the New Testament very good.  Seven boys gave intelligent answers on Whately’s Evidences of Christianity.  Eddington, Hignell, Bradshaw, Mattey, and St John in the Lower Division deserve mention.

Arithmetic – In arithmetic I examined all the school with a very satisfactory result.  The 1st Division did very well. Eddington and Mattey are good.  Eddington did also a very fair paper in Algebra.   The 2nd Division did very well for them.

English Grammar etc – The 1st division did fairly well but not up to the standard of other subjects.  But Shakespeare’s Play “The Tempest” was very well done by them.  I thought the second division weak.

Geography – This was remarkably well done by both divisions.  Eddington and Mattey deserve special commendation, and in the 2nd Division Rugman.

History – This was well known by Eddington and fairly by the rest of the 1st division.  Cullimore and Hudson in the 2nd Division were excellent, and most of them very satisfactory.

Latin – The translation done by all boys who take this subject was good.  The Grammar very fair and in some cases good.  The Composition was very weak.

French – The translation was good all round. Grammar was well answered and composition in some cases very fair. I think it is to be regretted that so many boys do not learn French and Latin.  I would suggest that they should be compulsory at least for those who hold Scholarships.

I am, Gentlemen,

Your Obedient Servant

R. Marks, B.A., Assistant Master Clifton College.

December 23rd 1880

Christmas Examination, 1880

Order of Merit

Division I Division II
Eddington 1st Prize & Headmaster’s Prize Hudson 1st Prize
Hignell 2nd Prize St John 2nd Prize
Bradshaw 3rd Prize Cullimore 3rd Prize
Keen Rugman
Pearson Keen, H.
Mattey Olive
King Harding
Luce, H Luce, N.
Jones Cornock, E.
Cornock, T.

Eddington Mattey and Luce were all Edwards’ Scholars.  Hignell, Bradshaw and Pearson were White’s Scholars.  King, Hudson and Rugman were Atwells’ Scholars.