We have created a number of pages dedicated to people connected to the former Thornbury Grammar School in South Gloucestershire.

Naturally the most important of these are the headmasters.

George Nixon (1879 -1907)

Charles Hackwell Ross (1907-1932)

Rupert Wilmot Jackson (1932-1934)

S J V Rouch (1934- 1964)


However we have also included the pages that Mick Munns originally created on a variety of ex-pupils and staff and added links to a few more that we have written about on Thornbury Roots.

Nick Large.  Nick became a teacher at Thornbury Grammar School in 1968 and later moved to Marlwood School.  Nick was known throughout Thornbury for his many interests and was greatly respected.  Click here to read more

Eileen Walker Eileen was a teacher in Thornbury Grammar School and Marlwood from 1950 – 1981.  She was fondly and respected in Thornbury for her charitable work after she retired from teaching .  Click here to read more

Harry (Johnny) and Mair Johnson.  This widely known and loved couple met in the staff room of Thornbury Grammar School.  Johnny had been a fighter pilot and taught French at the school, although his first love may well have been his other subject, sport, as his ashes were scattered over the cricket wicket.  Mair was the school’s music teacher and was much involved in the music life of Thornbury and the Thornbury   Cymmmrodorion  Society.  Click here to read more

William George Rabley.  ‘Bill’ Rabley was a teacher at the school from 1911 to 1951 and was much loved and admired for his work in the school and in the community.  Click here to read more

Benjamin Laycock.  Mr Laycock was the mathematics teacher at the school from 1919 to his death in 1940.  He was a leading member of the local branch of the British Legion and a Gleeman.  Click here to read more

Stafford Morse.  Bath Stafford Morse taught History and Latin in the school from the early 1920s until about 1950.  He made a great contribution nor only to the school but to recording the history of Thornbury and of Thornbury Grammar School itself.  Click here to read more

Jeffrey Watkins.  Jeff was a pupil in the school until he left to join the RAF where he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross.  He retained his links with Thornbury after moving to San Diego California.  Click here to read more

Emily Mary Lippiatt.  Emily was  one of  the four girls to be admitted to the school on 18th September 1906.  Another girl was admitted on the following day.  Emily was born on 9th September 1891, the daughter of Alfred Lippiatt, a gardener at Eastwood Park, and his wife, Hannah.  Emily married George Noel Lanham in 1916.  She and her husband later became school governors and their son John Lanham was a pupil at the school.

We have a separate page showing Emily’s school reports and the reference given to Emily when she left school.  Click here to view the reports