Thornbury and District Museum would like to acknowledge the debt owed to Mick Munns.

Mick was the original creator of this website of the former Thornbury Grammar School.   With the help of Dave Webb he gathered together this amazing collection of photographs.  Thanks to him putting this information online, a lasting record is available to everyone, not only of the school itself but also its teachers and, of course, its pupils.  The changes in fashions alone give us a fascinating record of social change from the late nineteenth century to the 1970s.

Michael Stewart Munns was born in West Yorkshire in 1947, but his family moved to the Bristol area shortly afterwards.  He never lived in Thornbury but he was a pupil at the Grammar School in the late 1950s and early 1960s.


He went on to study at Exeter University where in 1968 he met and married his wife, Patricia Rose Hoey.  He became a biochemist and set up a business manufacturing amino acids for medical research based near Windsor.  In spite of moving away from Thornbury he continued to have a strong interest in his schooldays and spent a lot of time developing the website and attending reunions

On retirement Mick and his wife moved to live in Topsham near Exeter.  He died there in 2009 aged 62.