2022 Reunion


‘Old Thornburians, fifty years on’ as written by  Andrew West

‘A short while ago I was pondering the fact that the summer of 2022 marked fifty years since I left Thornbury Grammar School after A Levels in 1972 and also that we were of course the last year group to have completed a full programme of education, from first year to upper sixth, before Thornbury Grammar School ceased to exist after an amazing 366 year history.

Such an anniversary should be commemorated in some way, but over fifty years, people move away to wherever their careers take them and we fall out of touch. However I managed to re-establish contact with a few people from our year group and on 25th June, a group of twelve Old Thornburians and the partners of some, enjoyed a most enjoyable evening at The Ship Inn, Alveston. Old photos came out, there was much banter and catching up with what everybody had been doing over the last half century, and talk of getting together again in the not too distant future.’

The class of 1972 at The Ship

 The photograph shows, from left to right; Paul Morter, Graham Gossedge, Maggie Pownall (nee Cook), Brian Gerrish, Liz Nichols, Phil Harris, Mary Green (nee Shippey), Roger Worrall (rear), Steve Chambers, Stephen Rogers, Tim Johnson and Andrew West.