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Steve Heaven at Thornet

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Since the death of Mick Munns no one is maintaining the TGS site and it has been transferred to the "Thornbury Grammar School Foundation".

However the Foundation does not wish to be the active maintainer. A volunteer is needed to do this. Are you interested?  Perhaps you are in touch with someone else who would enjoy doing this. Do let the need be known. For more information contact steve@thornet.co.uk

Adobe Acrobat
Many of the longer documents on this site are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format for ease of use. Just save them to your hard drive and then you can read them at your leisure. Download Acrobat Reader

Archive Photographs

12 pages of photographs,
mainly from the 40s - 60s, are available on the site.
Many are still to be captioned, and help with names, dates, locations etc. much appreciated.


Two histories of TGS
'The Development of a Country School' by B. Stafford Morse

'The History of Marlwood School' by L. G. Taylor

(both in Acrobat format so may take a minute or two to download)

Photographs & Memorabilia - lots of nostalgia here

Contacts Gallery - chronological listing of pupils who have made contact, some with photographs

Message Board

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If you didn't arrive here via Friends Reunited, then you might wish to click on the link to take a look at their user-friendly web-site which puts old school colleagues in touch with each other.

For those of you who haven't been to Thornbury recently:
visit Eric Dodd's excellent site full of high quality photographs of the town,
or a community site about Thornbury in general, with many further links,
while the Thornbury Museum site is full of useful heritage information.
This site has lots of historical info regarding Thornbury and the school www.thornburyroots.co.uk
An FM radio station is also available in Thornbury - give it a try - www.thornburyfm.org


You may send any suggestions or contributions directly to the webmaster via email.....
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